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Customers Talk about BCC

Since serving our first customers years ago to today, BCC Precious Metals has been committed to honest and clear communication, products of quality and fair and easy to follow procedures. In seeking the highest level of customer service, we have been guided by the comments of our customers, which are meaningful to the ownership and staff. Customers are invited to let us know how our service makes a difference to them and to let us know how it may be possible to improve the quality of our customer relationship. We set our quality goals high, and aim to exceed the standards of the precious metals and rare coins industries. Here are some comments we have received from our customers…



I appreciate that you have taken time with me on this trade and hope we may continue to trade.  I also hope that my nephew will be happy to put these six coins into his folder soon."

Sincerely, A.M.

"Dear Veroonika,

You sure know how to handle a 'situation.' So discrete, so delicate- you did everything right. Express my gratitude to Len Barber for his conversion of the Morgan Dollar 'rejects' into the Brilliant Uncirculated Peace Silver Dollars. He gave 'peace' a chance."

With full appreciation, Michael, September 2011



Della and I examined and counted all coins and unfortunately you are not going to get any of them back. They are all beautiful. I’ll bet you can not do it again????

By that I mean that after I receive the 1,333 or so coins that are due, I would like to talk about the other 2,500 that were available. … .. I have got to get into my safe and start compiling the next batch of metals that I can part with. "

E.E.L, February 2011

"Dear Mr. Boyd,

You went above and beyond the call of duty. You and Neil make this transaction happen quickly and efficiently. …. If, in the future, we are interested in the purchase of precious metals or coins, we will certainly contact you or Neil.

Please accept our sincere appreciation."

Gratefully, R.T. , Lakeville, Minnesota, November 2010

"Great job of packing the coins to me!! In all my years of receiving packages, your were #1. "

R.H.G, November 2010

"Mr. Barber,

Many thanks to you in my very difficult time in my life. I surely thank you both for your assistance. "

K.T., September 2010

"Mr. Barber,

It was most reassuring, especially since you gave me a 3 ½ - 4 month window before making a final decision regarding the wisdom of holding palladium. It was a most kind and generous offer…. Thank you again, Len, for reaching out with a helping hand. It made all the difference? "

M.L., March, 2010

"Dear Mr. Barber,

Thank you for representing me. Please keep me updated on the Gold and Silver market… "

H.D., Lafayette, California

“I’ve enjoyed our conversations by phone. Talked too long, I confess, but feel like I’ve known you a long time. Wishing you and your family a blessed holiday.”
-R.F., Williamsport, Maryland


“To all staff at BCC, Inc, I want to know how much I appreciate your great service and communication!”
Sincerely, K.S.T.
-K.S.T., Green Valley, Arizona


"Len Barber,

I want to thank you for being the honest business man that you are and for being so very patient with me during this initial transaction.

Please look at the three coins that I have returned and if you don’t agree that there is reason for their return, then feel free to send them back to me and I will consider the matter closed. With all due respect, "


"Dear Len:

Thanks for everything! Including the ball point pen that I am now using!

I have received all of the Silver Morgan dollars that I ordered and I have them safely stored away. Now all I have to do is watch the price go up and someday send the coins back to you! "

A.O., Orlando, Florida

"Thank you for your offer however, I choose to “dig” my own… member of GPAA and lost Dutchman’s Mining Association. Gold will be the savior of U.S.A. Keynes is wrong. His method only delays economic collapse and it will be a big one. Also thanks for the Barber Quarterly. I am 82."


“I really mean this! Dear BCC, Inc. Because today there aren’t too many real, honest people in the world. You rate #1! Thank you and enjoy the cigars!! The Whole Box!”
-P.T., Oneida, New York


“Today we had a visitor to the BBB website who specifically asked for information on your firm. I am pleased to let you know that we issued a reliability report to your potential customer that indicates you are a BBB member in good standing. Our website reports are just one of the many member benefits that drive business to your firm. Thank you for being a member!”
-BBB Minnesota


“Len, you have my deepest appreciation for your kindness, and I apologize for the very tardy payment…Thank you again. I gave your name to my dentist. He was interested but I can’t be sure he will call you.” Sincerely,
-M.L. Fridley, Minnesota


“Thank you for treating me well as a client.”
-B.B., Still Springs, Texas


“Lenny, Thanks for all of the business over the years. I appreciate it very much. Hope you had a great holiday and best wishes for the coming year.”
-J.G. Largo, Florida


“Mr. Barber, I found only one copy of each of these invoices. I made copies of them, and signed them. I hope it was alright to do that. I have received all the coins I ordered from BCC, and I am thrilled with each one. Thanks again for helping me update my portfolio. It has been a pleasure working with you.”
-B.B., Still Springs, Texas


“Mr. Barber, Thank you so much for your personal attention. We are looking forward to hearing from you.”
-D.E., Playa Del Ray, California