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Historical Security

PlanWhen you start to think about investing in gold and silver, it’s hard not to focus on day-today global economic events and determine how much gold and silver to add to your portfolio. While many people place 10% to 15% of their net worth in precious metals based products, some individuals that are concerned about an impending economic collapse may purchase and hold considerably more.

Our Senior Portfolio Managers are trained specialists in the precious metals arena. By providing BCC Precious Metals with a complete asset allocation review, our Portfolio Managers to make a recommendation that is tailored for you.

Years ago when the real estate market was booming , the dot com era exploded, and the road was paved with gold, financial advisors were recommending that 5%-10% of one’s net worth should be invested in hard, tangible assets as a general rule of thumb.

We have come to a fork in the road, and the economy is going in a much different direction. If you are heavily invested in areas of the general market, you should strongly consider getting out of paper assets all together and keep your nest egg and your family’s future safe in hard assets, such as gold, silver, and platinum, not excluding mint state and ultra-rarities.