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Why Gold?

If we paid for consumer purchases today with gold coins instead of paper currency we would find that today's prices would appear much like those 30 or 40 years ago. A loaf of bread would be seven to eight cents, a martini would cost a quarter and gasoline would be 10 to 15 cents a gallon. A new Volkswagen would have the $4600 price tag that many remember; a new Chrysler would be $1,250 and today's $100,000 home could be bought for under $15,000.

Learn1967 was the base year for the government’s Consumer Price Index. Using their own figures it takes close to $4.00 today to buy what it took $1.00 to buy in 1967. Saving in dollars is foolish. A story is told about a wealthy Englishman who once sought a private interview with Nathan Rothschild, head of the English branch of that family. He expressed his great happiness at having finally amassed a fortune worth one million pounds sterling. He wanted nothing more than to preserve it intact. "How," he said, "can I be sure to have exactly that much to the day I die?" Rothschild reached into his desk drawer, took out a small pistol, and told his caller, "There is only one way. Use this right now." He could just as easily told him to buy gold.

SaveGold is still the ultimate store of wealth. It is the world's only true money. And there isn't much of it to go around. All of it ever mined would fit into a small building (56-foot cube). The annual world production would fit into a 14' cube, roughly the size of an ordinary living room. Imagine this - if each Chinese citizen were to buy just one ounce of gold, it would take up the annual supply for the next 200 years. A tiny wedding band for every woman in China would take all of the gold mined for the next ten years. These days China has an insatiable demand for gold. Get the picture?

InvestRemember, gold is the only asset that is not simultaneously someone else's liability. Gold can never go bankrupt because it has no liabilities against it. In a world swamped with debt, doesn't it make sense to hold onto gold?