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Why Gold?


"I'm stocking up on gold."
Peter Lynch
Magellan Fund
"Gold will rise strongly in 1996."
Adrian Day
Investment Analyst
"Gold stands as the protector of wealth."
Alan Greenspan
Fed Chairman
"When the paper money system cracks, the run to gold will be explosive."
Harry Browne
Author, Economist

In rising gold markets high grade certified numismatic coins offer considerable potential. They also ensure your status as "collector" and since the legislation of 1933 and 1984 separate "collector" of high quality gold coins from the "hoarder" of bullion; they offer the advantage of protection from a future gold confiscation.

SaveAllow for up to 20% of your dollar assets in domestically held gold in the form of numismatic coins. Since gold is, above all, an insurance policy, doesn't it make sense to keep your "policy" in a form that won't be canceled or recalled? In fact, with a "shield" of high grade coins it would be easier to justify a "collection" status to lower grade $20 gold pieces. A well balanced portfolio would contain both types of coins.

BCC Precious Metals is a coin dealer that has been specializing in precisely this kind of gold portfolio. Thousands of people just like yourself have utilized BCC precious Metals' unique market expertise. In this marketplace you need expert advice. We can be reached Toll Free:1-800-653-3525. All of our information and advice is free of charge and offered without obligation.