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Why Gold?

PlanBullion gold and silver coins are sold based on the spot price of gold and silver with an added 5% - 15% premium, depending on the total sale. Premium quality rare coins are still affordable to the private individual despite their track record of consistent price gains into the multimillions. Collections are being sold at lucrative prices at shows and auctions.

As you can see, there is a gold and silver coin to fit almost every wealth protection strategy. Whether your holdings approach is conservative or aggressive, or whether your primary objective is preservation of capital, income or growth, gold and silver can play a vital role in your portfolio.


LearnEarly American coins have been an ideal holding for collectors and sophisticated individuals as well as families. Many financial advisors have recommended that 15% of their clients’ discretionary funds be placed in tangible assets to maintain a properly diversified portfolio.

Gold and silver coins have been an excellent hedge against inflation and other uncertainties. Although renowned for their performance in periods of high inflation gold and silver have generated strong long-term protection. Rare U.S. gold and silver coins have generated strong long-term price gains in virtually every period of economic growth over the past 25 years.


InvestPerformance - The simple but amazing truth is that rare coins have been more profitable than any other holdings year after year, decade after decade since 1911.

Protection - If the government ever confiscates privately held gold as it did in 1934 (the confiscation power is still on the books), having U.S. gold coins will protect you. Today, as in 1934, they are exempt from the confiscation requirements.

Affordability - You don't need a fortune to get started investing in rare coins. You can start with $5,000 and build your portfolio at your own pace.

Safety - Given the "top-rated" status of rare coins for the past ten years, plus the fact that there is a soaring demand for, and a limited supply of rare coins this opportunity is almost certainly one of the safest places for your money. History has proven this time and again.

A Free Market - No cartel, individual, group or company controls the rare coins market. There are thousands of coin dealers in the U.S. and more than 20 million coin enthusiasts. The price of rare coins is ruled solely by the laws of supply and demand and remains virtually free of any government interference.

Proven Tax Advantages - Rare coin profits are not taxed yearly as most other market holdings are. Taxes are due only after you take your profits.

Liquidity - Rare coins have a very broad market with virtually millions of people across the country involved in the purchase and trading of precious metals. Because the demand for quality rare coins far outpaces the supply, it's extremely easy to take coin profits instantly with no more effort than a simple phone call to one of thousands of dealers across the country.

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