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Gold and silver are recognized as providing a most sound foundation for any portfolio, assets that have met the test of time as a preferred monetary exchange. Precious metals have lasting value and while market prices may fluctuate somewhat, their worth rides far above the currency of today through the market cycles.

Balanced and successful portfolios have precious metals, such as gold bars and nuggets, silver 10 or 100 oz. bars, and coins that might include Swiss francs, American Silver Eagles and Canadian Silver dollars and gold maple leafs. Many suggest that, all told, precious metals should represent 10 to 15 percent of one’s net worth, and perhaps significantly higher if there is concern over the global economy and a damaged U.S. dollar. Consider acting now to ensure a solid financial foundation for you and your family.

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Why Gold?

PlanThe cornerstone for a successful portfolio is diversification. For a rock-solid foundation hard assets are essential. Gold has been used for a medium of exchange for over 5000 years. Gold is bought and sold around the clock, around the world. Gold is universally accepted as alternate money thus making liquidations effortless.

Does your current portfolio include hard assets? If not, then start planning for your future.

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Why Silver?

There are a handful of pure silver mines remaining, and demand for silver remains high for:

Due to strong economic growth in China, India, Vietnam, Russia, Brazil, and other emerging economies in Eastern Europe, Asia and the world, silver remains historically undervalued.


LearnGold and silver coins have been an excellent hedge against inflation and other uncertainties. Although renowned for their performance in periods of high inflation Gold and silver have generated strong long-term protection. Rare U.S. gold and silver coins have generated strong long-term price gains in virtually every period of economic growth over the past 25 years.


SaveOur clients can rest easy knowing their hard-asset portfolio is overseen by the experienced Portfolio Management Team at BCC Precious Metals. 

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InvestBullion gold and silver coins are sold based on the spot price of gold and silver with an added 5% - 15% premium, depending on the total sale.

Premium quality rare coins are still affordable to the private individual despite their track record of consistent price gains into the multimillions. Collections are being sold at lucrative prices at shows and auctions.

As you can see, there is a gold and silver coin to fit almost every wealth protection strategy. Whether your holdings approach is conservative or aggressive, or whether your primary objective is preservation of capital, income or growth, gold and silver can play a vital role in your portfolio.

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